Our Contribution

CSR & Environmenral Responsibilties

Community Health Program

We organised a health awareness camp in which we provided access to free health check ups and supported few of the local healthcare facilities with required equipments.

Skill Development Program

We collaborated with vocational training institutes to provide skill development programs for local public college and marginalised communities for the better practice knowledge and enhancing their employability.

Animal Welfare Program

We have been continually supporting our local goushala for Taking care of the cows in any achievable form.

Environmental Responsibility

  • At Girnar, we embrace a profound commitment to environmental responsibility. As stewards of sustainability, we have undertaken significant initiatives within our campus facilities. The green heartbeat of our commitment lies in the planting of over 400 trees, fostering a thriving ecosystem that contributes to cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • In addition, our water harvesting systems exemplify our dedication to responsible resource management. We harness the power of nature to collect and utilise rainwater efficiently, minimising our ecological footprint.
  • Further exemplifying our eco-conscious approach, our campus features state-of-the-art solar plant management facilities. By harnessing solar energy, we not only reduce our dependence on conventional power sources but also actively contribute to the global shift towards clean and renewable energy.
  • At Girnar, our environmental responsibility goes beyond manufacturing excellence – it extends to creating a sustainable future. We are proud to play our part in building a greener, cleaner, and more resilient world.